This is the course if you want a faster pace or simply a shorter distance. The first and last mile will be a fairly flat trail. The middle portion will consist of a loop going down a hill and then back up hill. Most of this course is on wider trails and dirt roads. Trail races distances aren't exact but the course should be about 3.1 miles. This race will begin at 6:30PM.


This trail is for runners looking for a longer distance and some elevation changes. The first and last mile of the course will be relatively flat. The extra distance will consist of a few interesting loops around some moderately hilly trails. The course measures about 6.2 miles but will probably feel a bit longer than a 10K run on pavement. This race will begin at 6:30PM.

This course is designed for our budding trail runners. Adults can run with their young ones if necessary but we do encourage watching and cheering from the sidelines when independent running is possible. Volunteers will be positioned to ensure everyone stays on course and has a blast. This race will have a 6PM start.

Trail Races Near Pittsburgh

Allegheny County, PA