Heading 6
Additional Guidelines for the Race During the Covid Pandemic

The Dirt Monster race director will be in contact with the North Park administration and county officials to ensure that the race is conducted in accordance with current county, state, federal and CDC guidelines to best protect all entities involved with this race. It is our goal to ensure that this race in conducted in a manner which protects the participants, volunteers and vendors involved with the race as well as the community at large. We will do our best to provide a race that is fun as well as safe. We ask that you conduct yourself in a manner that aids in this endeavor and follow all guidelines communicated, even as they change due to the current scientific recommendations and precautions. We will do our best to keep you updated with any changes as they are communicated with us.

  1. Anyone who has symptoms of a covid-19 infection or has had contact with someone who has been determined to have an active infection or is suspected of an active infection should not participate. A refund will be provided for these individuals. 

  2. Please respect your start time. We are trying to limit the number of people congregating in the starting area as well as hopefully helping to spread out our participants on the trails. The race will be chip timed but anyone arriving more than 5 minutes past their start time will be asked to leave the start area until a spot is open in a later heat.

  3. Anyone attempting to jump into a heat for which they are not assigned will be disqualified from the race and their results will not be posted online.

  4. Participants will not be required to wear a face covering while actively engaged in the race. We do, however, recommend that you have a face covering that you can easily pull over your mouth and nose if you cannot maintain 6 feet of distance between you and other individuals on the trails while participating. This could involve a neck gaitor, face shield or mask. 

  5. While not actively engaged in the race while in the start and finishing area or any part of the race course or shelter area, face coverings should be worn especially if you are engaged in shouting/cheering for other participants or cannot maintain social distancing guidelines with individuals not in your family/circle.

  6. Volunteers will need to wear a face covering during the race when any individual (participant or not) is in proximity of said volunteer.

  7. Please follow the directions of race officials, police officers and other park authorities and respect others using the park.

Changes In the Race Amenities From Past Years.

Due to the uncertain climate surrounding the race, we are not providing any of the extra amenities that are associated with this race. This is to limit our financial obligations in the event of a last minute cancellation as well as  limiting large groups gathering for the race. We have reduced our registration fee to only cover the bare minimum of expenses we incur for the race. This should limit our loss if forced to cancel last minute and we refund all race registration fees. We wanted to ensure that the race went forward if possible and we will not be attempting to raise the funds and awareness of OCD that is our usual goal. We did provide a way for you to donate funds to this non-profit if you desire to do so but there is no obligation to do so. 

  1. Shirts/giveaways will not be provided with a registration. If there are enough people who would like to purchase a shirt, one will be produced and distributed during number pick up. Please contact Elaine by Oct 10 if you would like to purchase one. They will be provided at cost, no more than $10.

  2. Participants will be able to pick up their number ahead of the race, details will be provided closer to the race.

  3. There will be no onsite registration.

  4. Water will be available at around the 3 mile mark and finish line in individual sealed bottles. There will not be any sports drink provided this year.

  5. Volunteers may not be as prevalent this year so please pay attention to course markings.

  6. There will not be a post-race gathering so unfortunately no soup, beer or leftover Halloween candy.

  7. Cash prizes and medals will not be awarded this year. Please consult the Miles of Smiles website to find out how your time compares with others in your age group/gender/overall race. You can also find out how your team fared in that hotly contested race.